Public service fight “epidemic” MV--- “the most determined retrograde” released

“Some people are defending their lives, some are marching on the spring breeze, and with the sound of the National Anthem ringing in their hearts, it is the loudest clarion call to rush to the crisis..." Recently, under the guidance of the network information office of the municipal Party committee and the Municipal Federation of literary and art circles, the Municipal Film and Television Association and the municipal Musicians Association moved quickly to jointly produce the public service fighting “epidemic” MV---“the most determined retrograde” and to pay the highest tribute to the rebels fighting in the front line of the epidemic.

It is understood that Kong Lei, deputy secretary-general of the Municipal Federation of music, created the musical sketch of “the most determined retrograde” overnight with the support of He Lian, vice chairman of the Municipal Federation of literature and art, and Jiang Qin, chairman of the Municipal Federation of music. On January 30, under the organization of Ouyang Hua, chairman of the Municipal Film and Television Association, Chen Jingwu, Liao Sanbing and Cui Shaohong, vice chairmen, led their respective teams to start shooting. After two days, all the video materials are shot and edited by Ouyang Quanjiang. Finally, the first film was cut out on the morning of February 1. After the review by the Municipal Federation of literary and art circles and other participants, the film was improved to make every frame excellent. Finally, the MV was finalized and released on the night of February 1.

“I hope that the audience can hear the musician’s concern and sincere heart for those determined rebels from this work. I want to make my own contribution to win the battle of prevention and control of the epidemic in the way of music and art, to cheer for Wuhan and China!” When talking about the creation experience of the work, Kong Lei said.

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