Special action of Patriotic Health in winter and spring in our city

In front of the Xinmin village committee Sports Park, Lile street, Jianghai District, the municipal Patriotic Health Association held a unified action day for Patriotic Health in winter and spring with the theme of "clearing mosquito eggs, killing rodents, cleaning homes and welcoming new spring". Vice Mayor Lai Yanfen attended the event.

It is reported that the special campaign for Patriotic Health in winter and spring will be held from January to March, during which a series of activities will be organized. Yesterday was the first day of unified action in the city.

The main contents of the special action are as follows: first, to carry out the cleaning and renovation of key places, such as market. All kinds of fairs and agricultural markets should regulate the order, strengthen the management of stalls, remove the accumulated garbage, rectify the runny sewage pit, dredge the ditches, and strengthen the cleaning and disinfection of the public toilets, pools and other infrastructure in the market. The second is to organize unified deratization, install mosquito and rat prevention facilities, distribute poison rat valley, removal of dead corner debris, block rat holes, eliminate living environment of rats. The third is to organize and carry out the action of clearing the eggs of overwintering mosquitoes, remove the breeding place of mosquitoes, all kinds of wastes, all the cans, water bottles and buckets that may accumulate water, and store the empty containers upside down. Fourth, we should make full use of all kinds of propaganda means to publicize patriotic health knowledge such as “pest control, disease prevention and livable health”.

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