22 top talent training objects centralized together to recharge themselves

Recently, the Publicity Department of the Municipal Party Committee organized the second batch of top talents training objects in the field of publicity, ideology and culture to carry out study, investigation and centralized training. 22 top talents training objects from the fields of social science theoretical research, news media, culture and art, cultural management , technology, cultural heritage and protection, etc. gathered for the first time, marking the official launch of the two-year training plan.

In the activity, top talent training objects centralized together to recharge themselves through field visits, learning exchanges, special training and other forms, strengthen the study of political theory, further strengthen the understanding of the political situation and the city situation, and enhance the comprehensive quality. In two days, they went to Jiangmen talent Island Round Island Park demonstration section, Longxihu Park and reading center in Jianghai District, science and Technology Park, Kaiping Chikan planning and Exhibition Service Center, Kaiping Museum and other places to visit. At each place, members listened to the project introduction carefully, talked with the person in charge in detail, and the communication effect was remarkable.

During this period, the Propaganda Department of the Municipal Party Committee and the relevant principals of the Party School of the Municipal Party Committee respectively conducted special training for you, entitled New realm of “governance of China” - Interpretation of the spirit of the Fourth Plenary Session of the 19th Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and Learning the history of the party, knowing the national conditions, keeping the original intention and undertaking the mission.

Since the implementation The plan of Jiangmen City’s top talent cultivation project in the field of publicity, ideology and culture and the corresponding selection and training methods were issued in 2017, 47 top talent cultivation objects (25 in the first batch and 22 in the second batch) have been selected and training services have been started as planned. According to statistics, the first group of 25 top talents have won 18 national honors, 74 provincial honors and nearly 100 municipal honors, making positive contributions to the publicity of ideological and cultural work in our city.

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