Lianhai Road Opens Two-way Main Lane

The expansion project of Lianhai Road, which attracted much attention from the public, realized the full opening of the two-way main lane, two months ahead of schedule. The reporter saw at the scene that the reconstructed Lianhai Road pavement is a two-way 8-lane road, the asphalt pavement has been completely paved, and the traffic markings have been completed.

The expansion project of Lianhai Road starts from Wuyi Road in the north and Jinou Road in the south. It was built in the 1990s and was planned as a main road for transportation. Before the transformation, it was a two-way 4-lane cement road. In December 2018, the Lianhai Road Expansion Project officially started construction. The planned road width was 60 meters, and the design was based on two-way 8 lanes. The construction content mainly includes roads, bridges, drainage, structures, lighting, transportation, and pipeline integration. The estimated total investment of the project is about 380 million yuan.

"Since October last year, in order to speed up the construction of the project, we have doubled our investment in manpower and machinery. We have implemented on-site coordination, on-site resolution, and on-site supervision of problems that arise during construction. Reverse the time, push the tasks backwards, and push the responsibilities backwards, and hold weekly special meetings to rationally plan and strengthen management. "Liang Rongshun, the person in charge of the construction of the Lianhai Road expansion project said.

"Lianhai Road is finally repaired, and it will be more convenient to travel in the future!" Said Chen Changrong, a resident along the Lianhai Road.

After the opening of the main lane of the Lianhai Road expansion project, sidewalk replacement, road greening, street lamp installation, pipeline laying and other projects will also be accelerated, and the entire project is expected to be completed by the end of April.

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