Liu Yi Met with the Delegation Led by Liu Weiqiang, Minister of the Prime Minister’s Office of Malaysia

On December 28, Liu Yi, deputy secretary of the municipal Party committee and mayor of Jiangmen, met with Liu Weiqiang, Minister of the prime minister’s office of Malaysia and his delegation, and exchanged gifts. Li Weimin, member of the Standing Committee of the CPC Municipal Committee and Minister of the United Front Department, accompanied the meeting.

Liu Weiqiang, born in Enping City, took the post of minister of the prime minister’s office in July 2018 and was in charge of legal affairs. As an outstanding representative of overseas Chinese, Liu Weiqiang has always been concerned about supporting the development of Jiangmen. In 2012, Jiangmen held the third world Jiangmen Youth Conference in ABI City, Sabah state, Malaysia. It was also the first time Jiangmen went abroad to hold the World Youth Conference. Liu Weiqiang gave strong support and help to ensure the success of the conference.

Entrusted by Lin Yingwu, Secretary of the municipal Party committee, and Liu Yi, mayor, Li Weimin extended a warm welcome to Liu Weiqiang and delegation at the welcome banquet. He said that Liu Weiqiang and his delegation return to their hometown for a walk and a look is a rare opportunity to promote Jiangmen. Jiangmen is in the key node of “inheriting the east and opening the west” in the Great Bay area of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao, with obvious geographical advantages. Jiangmen is also making use of the advantages of overseas Chinese resources to build an important platform for cultural exchange and cooperation between overseas Chinese. We hope that minister Liu Weiqiang and all the villagers will continue to support the construction of their hometown, often return to their hometown, and welcome more friends to Jiangmen for sightseeing, exchange and cooperation and investment.

Liu Weiqiang expressed sincere thanks to Jiangmen municipal Party committee and municipal government for their warm reception. He said that he had come to Jiangmen to look for relatives before, and was honored to be warmly welcomed back to his hometown this time. He hoped to deepen mutual communication and promote cooperation and exchanges between Malaysia and Jiangmen in cultural tourism and other fields at the time of returning home and looking for relatives.

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