Media Reporters Praise Jiangmen Village

“Jiangmen village is like scattered pearls, delicate and beautiful.” Xinhua News Agency reporter Wei Meng said. Yesterday (December 26), the large-scale media gathering activities in Jiangmen, “Looking for the Overseas Chinese and Pursuing Dreams in the Bay Area”, jointly organized by the Municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department, Jiangmen Daily, and Jiangmen Radio and Television Station, continued to be carried out. About 30 media reporters, including the People’s Daily and Xinhua News Agency, walked into Taishan 49, Enping Jinjiang Reservoir and experienced the development of Jiangmen Village. Many reporters said that Jiangmen’s village is very comfortable and would like to stay and live more.

On the same day, the media reporters first came to Taishan City to investigate the Sijiu special homestay, and then went to the South Village Art tribe, Wanggang village, September academy, aloe industry park, etc. The visiting reporters all praised the characteristic homestay, and others asked about the price and left the contact information. Huang dianjing, a reporter from China reform daily, said: “Jiangmen has good conditions for the development of homestay and beautiful environment, and would like to stay for a few nights in particular.”

“Jiangmen is rich in overseas Chinese culture. Through new excavation, especially the development of industrialization, Jiangmen jade has been polished more brightly.” After seeing the Taishan homestay, Wei Meng began to praised it heartily.

In the afternoon, the journalists also went to the exhibition hall and Jinjiang reservoir in Enping. The successful establishment of “China’s livable place to escape the cold” has won Enping a very influential ecological name card, which will bring great impetus to the development of the city in the future, such as the development and utilization of climate resources, the development of the ecological tourism industry of warm springs and health. People’s Daily reporter He Linping told reporters that as the country’s first place to live in the cold, the impression of Enping is beautiful mountains and rivers, where you can live for another 20 years. “People and nature live in harmony, and the future development prospects of Enping are very broad.”  He said.

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