The comprehensive improvement progress of high-speed railway environmental safety ranked first in the province

The Deputy Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee and Mayor Liu Yi led his team to Taishan and Kaiping to check the comprehensive improvement of high-speed rail environment and safety. Liu Yi emphasized that all levels and departments along the city's railway line must resolutely implement the spirit of the conference on promoting the comprehensive improvement of the environmental safety of high-speed railways in the province, so as to keep working hard and standards to ensure that the city's renovation tasks are completed by the end of this month.

It is reported that the city received a total of 563 high-speed rail environmental safety hazards (including 14 new ones) transferred by the Guangzhou Railway Group, ranking third in the province. Up to December 23, the city had accumulated 514 inspections and acceptances, with a completion rate of 91.3%, ranking first in the province. Eleven of the remaining 49 items have been completed for rectification and confirmation by the railway department, and another 38 items are undergoing rectification. It is expected that all rectification tasks will be completed by December 30.

Liu Yi affirmed the achievements of renovation work made by the city, especially Taishan, Kaiping and Enping. He requested that all regions, especially Jianghai District and Xinhui District, should further accelerate the rectification work, and the Guangzhou Railway Group should also actively cooperate with the inspection and sales work to ensure that the city's rectification tasks are completed as scheduled. Liu Yi said that to maintain long-term peace and stability along the railway line, to turn the hidden danger rectification work from passive to active, we must base ourselves on and rely on the grassroots. After the completion of this rectification task, all departments at all levels should seriously consider and study, and manage the railway to prevent rebound. It is necessary to do well with the masses at the grass-roots level along the railway line, properly solve the problems left by history, obtain the support of the masses, improve the awareness of the people's love of roads, and completely eliminate the hidden dangers around the railway. Relevant departments should quickly study and promote the beautification work along the city's railways, and implement this as a key work of the municipal government in 2020.

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