A group of auxiliary investigators and accounts in our city were commended

Recently, the awarding conference of excellent auxiliary investigators and excellent accounts of Guangdong national investigation team system was held in our city in 2019. For the first time, the outstanding auxiliary investigators and excellent accounts of Guangdong statistical investigation who made important contributions were commended. 137 auxiliary investigators and 200 accounts of Guangdong were recognized, including 5 auxiliary investigators and 10 accounts from our city. Zhao Yuncheng, party secretary and team leader of Guangdong survey team of National Bureau of statistics, and Jia Jingzhi, inspector attended the activity.

The Guangdong national investigation team system is composed of the general team, 21 investigation teams of cities above prefecture level and 30 national investigation teams at county level. It is fully responsible for the national direct investigation task in Guangdong and the entrusted investigation of Party committees and governments at all levels. The auxiliary investigator is an indispensable grass-roots investigation force in the statistical investigation work, as well as the collector and quality inspector of the original data. There are about 3000 auxiliary investigators in our province. Recorded accounts are the providers of original data. At present, there are nearly 20000 recorded accounts in our province. They record all kinds of living expenses of their families one by one, which together constitute the basic data of residents’ income and expenditure survey.

Zhao Yuncheng said that the assistant investigator and the account keeper have played a great role in their respective posts and made great contributions. With the deepening of the reform of the statistical system, the investigation team, the auxiliary investigators and the account keeping team should shoulder their responsibilities and keep pace with the times. We should learn from advanced models, do a good job in service security, improve our sense of responsibility, strengthen the study of theory and skills, and maintain smooth communication.

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