Career Talk on Employment and Entrepreneurship Policy

Recently, the “Leye Wuyi” 2019 Overseas Chinese Employment and Entrepreneurship Lecture Hall hosted by the Municipal Bureau of Human Resources and Social Affairs was held at various colleges and universities to encourage college graduates to return to the city and the countryside for employment and entrepreneurship. The Career Talk focused on hot issues such as college graduates, interpreted the subsidy policy, and attracted more than 400 teachers and students to participate.

The Career Talk took the opportunity of “Jiangmen Employment and Entrepreneurship Policy Entering the Campus” to publicize Jiangmen ’s employment and entrepreneurship environment , interpret the employment and entrepreneurship subsidy policy and introduce the subsidy application guide and common questions in terms of Jiangmen ’s urban planning, development blueprint, employment situation, subsidy policies, and the application process for subsidies. The Career Talk also answered the students' questions and doubts on the spot, so that college graduates have a more comprehensive understanding of Jiangmen's employment policy and environment.

It is understood that this year, Jiangmen has included attracting college graduates to the city for employment and entrepreneurship as a strategy to strengthen the city by talents, and put forward the goal of “promoting employment, helping entrepreneurship, and promoting business”. The Municipal Human Resources and Social Affairs Bureau specially printed the "Jiangmen City Employment and Entrepreneurship Subsidy Policy Promotion Manual" to sort out the "dry goods" of university graduates' employment and entrepreneurship policies in Jiangmen City, including 11 subsidies for job hunting and entrepreneurship, fresh college graduates to grassroots employment subsidies, college graduates to grassroots employment subsidies, and social insurance personal contribution subsidies. By strengthening policy support and improving the service system to ensure that college graduates can "come back, go down, stay and do well".

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