Yude community parking lot put into use before New Year’s Day

Recently, the reporter came to the temporary parking lot in Yude community. At present, the basic construction of the parking lot has been completed. This week, it is going to finish the process of the special equipment acceptance. It is planned to put into use before New Year's day next year, with 202 parking spaces available.

Reporters at the scene saw that the main construction of the three parking buildings has been completed and the external decoration is in progress. In terms of parking space specifications, the first floor parking space is 1.95m wide, 2.05m high and 5.3m long. Aluminum plate is added to the outer contour and greening is set around the plot to reduce the impact on nearby residents.

The parking problem of Yude community has been bothering the residents nearby. One parking space is hard to find, and the situation of three floors of parking inside and outside is also common. "It's too hard to park. I want to rent a parking pot for a month, so that I don't need to look for parking spaces everywhere." Owner Li Xiaohua told reporters.

As early as last year, the Municipal Bureau of Natural Resources announced the plan for the temporary parking lot in Yude community, which can provide 202 parking spaces in a three-dimensional parking lot to alleviate the problem of residents’ parking difficulty. According to the planning content, the temporary parking lot of Yude community is located in the south of Jude street. It is a key construction project of the city and a livelihood project to alleviate the parking problem of Yude community.

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