Free testing of edible agricultural products

On December 10th, a free inspection of edible agricultural products activity "You send, I inspect" was held at Jiaotou farmers' market, which was selected by the public. It is reported that the inspectors accepted a total of 26 batches of inspections from the public on the day, including 17 batches of vegetables, 1 batch of fruits, 2 batches of aquatic products, and 6 batches of meat. After a quick on-site inspection, all inspection results were negative, and no suspected unqualified edible agricultural products were found.

It is understood that the "You send, I inspect" food free inspection activity is carried out by the Municipal Market Supervision and Administration Bureau in conjunction with the Market Supervision and Administration Bureau of Pengjiang, Jianghai and Xinhui Districts. This livelihood activity has been carried out since November this year in areas where people flow and food, especially edible agricultural products are concentrated. This activity is free for the citizens to quickly test rice and noodle products, vegetables, fruits and dried products, meat and products, etc.

On the day of the event, many neighborhoods took vegetables and meat and sent them to the inspection table in front of the market. The inspector performs the inspection operation on the spot. After the inspection is completed, the quick inspection personnel will notify the test result by sending a text message through the contact method left by the inspector. At the scene, the staff also widely publicized food safety knowledge to the people in the area through publicity boards and slogans.

It is understood that "You send, I inspect" seems to be a small innovation, but it is the use of "Internet +" to promote food safety supervision, which can improve supervision efficiency. “At the same time, the decision-making power of food safety spot checks is given to consumers, and the results of the spot checks are announced to the citizens as soon as possible. With the inspection and notification, the market operators can be forced to take food safety issues seriously." said a person in charge of the Municipal Market Supervision Bureau.

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