Apply for professional title evaluation at home

Recently, Jiangmen City Arts and crafts (traditional furniture) senior title evaluation launch ceremony was held in Xinhui District classical furniture city. As early as October this year, the Provincial Department of human resources and social security agreed to delegate the evaluation authority of deputy senior titles of Arts and crafts (traditional furniture) to our city, which has also become the only prefecture-level city in the province with the evaluation authority of senior titles of Arts and crafts (traditional furniture).

The traditional arts and crafts of our city have unique artistic style and distinctive local characteristics of overseas Chinese town, while the traditional furniture production is a precious local traditional cultural heritage of our city, with a long history and profound cultural heritage. Over the years, a group of skilled and experienced talents have emerged in our city. However, by the end of 2018, there are only a few employees who have obtained the title of Arts and crafts series, including 40 assistants of arts and crafts artists, 46 arts and crafts artists and 15 senior arts and crafts artists.

In the face of the demand of professionals in traditional furniture industry eager to participate in the evaluation of professional titles of Arts and crafts, our city actively communicated with provincial experts in the evaluation of professional titles of Arts and crafts, and after fully listening to the opinions of provincial experts, improved the qualification conditions for carrying out the evaluation of professional titles of senior arts and crafts artists (traditional furniture) and arts and crafts artists (traditional furniture) in our city, and finally successfully applied to arts and crafts Traditional furniture) senior title evaluation right.

At present, Jiangmen City has set up a senior professional title evaluation Committee of Arts and Crafts, an expert evaluation database and a corresponding evaluation management system. At the same time, the professional title evaluation program and the title application policy of Arts and Crafts are formulated. According to the relevant policies, from February 18, 2019, professional and technical personnel, excluding the staff of municipal government agencies and institutions, will be given 50000 yuan and 20000 yuan subsidies respectively when they are promoted to the title of senior and deputy senior (including those who are not divided into senior and deputy senior).

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