Our City Has Jumped to the 21st Place

Recently, 2019 China’s urban business credit environment index came out. Among the 252 prefecture level cities monitored in China, our city's ranking of business credit environment index jumped from 29th in 2018 to 21st, rising 8 places, and ranking 5th in Guangdong Province.

2019 China urban business credit environment index (CEI) is jointly released by the enterprise management innovation institute of China academy of management, credit working committee of China marketing society, credit evaluation research center of China Academy of management, etc. CEI is a credit economic index, which is used to measure the business integrity and business environment of each city. The fluctuation of CEI can objectively reflect the development trend of credit economy, the growth of market credit transaction and the order of market economy.

In recent years, our city attaches great importance to the construction of business integrity, builds a pilot city of social credit joint rewards and punishments, develops and constructs the “Jiangmen City social credit joint rewards and punishments system”, establishes a credit information data sharing and exchange mechanism, embeds credit information into the management, approval and work system of each department, establishes a convenient mode of “credit rewards and punishments, one key solution”, and realizes data sharing , resource integration, department linkage, to achieve the “one trustworthy, benefit everywhere; one dishonest, limit everywhere” credit linkage reward and punishment pattern, to provide enterprises and the masses with the channels of objection application and credit repair application, and to provide the system guarantee for enterprises and the masses to withdraw from the disciplinary measures for dishonest subjects.

At the same time, the city constantly optimizes the business environment, and through a series of reform measures such as promoting the pilot reform of investment project commitment system, improving the convenience of real estate registration, building a “highway” for project approval, establishing a pre-project service system, comprehensively implementing the management of negative list of market access, strictly protecting property rights according to law, and comprehensively promoting fair competition review and a series of reforming measures, which lays a solid foundation for the construction of business integrity a solid foundation has been established.

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