Overseas experts came to Jiangmen to discuss cooperation

The "2019 Overseas Expert South Guangdong Tour" Jiangmen Special Event was held in our city. 19 overseas experts came to Jiangmen with the project to discuss project cooperation with universities, enterprises, scientific research and medical institutions in our city. Deputy Mayor Wang Changqing attended the event.

Wang Changqing introduced the city's policies, advantages and achievements in attracting high-level talents at home and abroad and international scientific and technological exchanges and cooperation. He comprehensively introduced the current development of our city from the aspects of economy, industry, location, and policy, and emphasized the friendly environment of innovation and entrepreneurship in our city and the attraction to high-end talents. He hoped that experts at home and abroad will come to Jiangmen for inspections and visits, feel the wave of innovation that is flowing everywhere in Jiangmen, explore opportunities for cooperation, and achieve mutual benefit and win-win.

During the event, the signing ceremony of the "Contact Wuyi" overseas service station establishment agreement was held, and the province's first foreign talent station-Jiangmen Foreign Talent Station was announced. It is understood that the theme of this event is "Innovative Development in the Field of General Health and Biomedicine". The overseas experts participating in the conference have high levels, high academic standards, and strong innovation capabilities. The cooperation projects are projects in the fields of general health and biomedicine, and are one of the five emerging industries that Jiangmen focuses on. At the same time, it also attracted more than 150 representatives from more than 70 enterprises and medical institutions, 6 innovative scientific research carriers and government-related functional departments to participate in on-site activities and docking exchanges.

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