Reliable Meat and Vegetable Demonstration Supermarket

Recently, the evaluation results of the “reliable meat and vegetable demonstration supermarket” in Jiangmen City in 2019 were announced in the “Jiangmen Daily”. There are 17 supermarkets participating in the establishment of “reliable meat and vegetable demonstration supermarket". Among them, 12 supermarkets including Zhonghuan store of Dachang Supermarket Co., Ltd. in Pengjiang district scored more than 90 points, which was rated as "reliable meat and vegetable demonstration supermarket" by the provincial Food Circulation Association. There are 4 in Pengjiang district, 1 in Jianghai District, 1 in Xinhui District, 1 in Taishan City, 2 in Kaiping City, 1 in Heshan City and 2 in Enping City.

According to the introduction, to establish a supermarket, it is necessary to improve the management level in terms of supermarket quality management system construction, hardware facilities, employee training, meat and vegetable purchase, sale and storage management, risk control of unqualified products, etc. in accordance with the acceptance standard of “reliable meat and vegetable demonstration supermarket” issued by the food safety office of the State Council and the former State Food and drug administration. Among them, supermarkets are particularly encouraged to implement the purchase mode of “order agriculture, agricultural supermarket docking”, “planting and breeding base + supermarket”, set up “high quality meat and vegetable counter”, reduce the circulation of meat and vegetable, improve the quality assurance level, and meet the needs of different consumer groups.

At the same time, establish a supermarket to set up a quick inspection room for meat and vegetable quality, carry out spot check and detection on purchased vegetables, aquatic products, livestock and poultry meat products, focus on rapid detection of pesticide residues, malachite green, chloramphenicol and other projects, and timely release the results of quick inspection to the public, strictly prevent quick inspection of positive products (suspected unqualified products) from being put on the market for sale, and maximize the protection of consumer rights and interests.

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