Achievements show new development and changes

Liu Yi, deputy secretary of the municipal Party committee and mayor of Jiangmen City, led a team to Guangdong Zhuxi International Convention and Exhibition Center to inspect the preparations for Jiangmen City construction achievement exhibition. He asked for innovative forms of publicity to show the new development and changes of Jiangmen City in an all-round, multi angle and high quality way. City Leader Lin Feiming accompanied the inspection.

It is understood that the 2019 Jiangmen City construction achievement exhibition will be held from November 22 to 24, with the theme of "Digital City - Smart Jiangmen". The exhibition is a comprehensive exhibition integrating urban construction and planning, human settlements and smart home furnishings. There are three major parts of the exhibition, including urban construction exhibition. It mainly displays Jiangmen's achievements in urban construction, planning and other aspects, as well as the achievements in urban quality improvement, cultural creation, Rural Revitalization and other aspects by means of graphics and other forms. In addition, an interactive area was set up on the site to let the citizens give advice and suggestions for improving the quality of the city.

Liu Yi and his delegation inspected the major exhibition areas of urban construction achievement exhibition and listened to relevant reports. Liu Yi affirmed the arrangement of this achievement exhibition and believed that the content of the achievement exhibition is rich, which can well show the changes and development of Jiangmen City since the founding of new China 70 years ago. He hoped that relevant departments should pay more attention to the details of the exhibition, excavate and arrange more good photos that can show the new face of Jiangmen, and publicize the new achievements of Jiangmen City Construction with high quality and high standard. At the same time, two local mainstream media, Jiangmen daily and Jiangmen radio and television station, should make full use of their own advantages, innovate publicity forms and exhibition means, strengthen cooperation and win-win results, make the exhibition large-scale and distinctive, and show the new development and changes of Jiangmen City in a more comprehensive and multi angle.

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