Eighteen Projects Advanced to the Finals

Recently, the reunion of the 2019 Jiangmen City Entrepreneurship Innovation Competition “Happy work in Wuyi”, which was jointly organized by the Municipal People's Bureau and other departments and hosted by the Doctoral Science and Technology Group, was successfully concluded. The 56 rematch events from the six individual events competed on the same stage. After fierce competition, the final 18 projects advanced to the finals.

This year's competition was held for the first time with the theme of "Happy work in Wuyi and Creating Jiangmen". The competition is divided into individual events such as the college student entrepreneurship competition, the Hong Kong and Macau youth style competition, and the rural industry creation competition. Since its launch in September, it has received positive responses from students and entrepreneurs across the country and overseas. Nearly 300 projects have entered the competition, and 56 of them have entered the semi-finals.

The reporter learned from the scene that the event was conducted in the form of “8 minutes road show + 5 minutes reply”, and the scores of each item were announced on the spot. The participating teams will fully demonstrate the core competitiveness of the entrepreneurial project through PPT demonstrations, product demonstrations, and answering questions. The jury of the rematch experts consisting of technical experts, investors, and university professors will score on site.

It is reported that the organizing committee of the competition has opened a semi-finals in Jiangmen, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Zhuhai, and held 6 individual events. At the same time, in order to facilitate the participation of participating teams in individual regions, the organizing committee of the competition set up re-enactment roadshows in Beijing and Ningbo. The participating teams participated in the rematch through “remote roadshow+ remote defense”.

After fierce competition, 18 projects eventually advanced to the finals, and the list has been announced on the official website of the competition. The finals will be held in Jiangmen on November 26, and the entrepreneurship training and competition results will be held during the same period.

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