The Debut of the Documentary Made the Audience Amazing

The five-episode large overseas Chinese historical documentary “Jinshan Guest” was premiered at the opening ceremony of the overseas Chinese cultural exchange and cooperation and the Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao Youth Cultural and creative development conference, and premiered on the public channel of Jiangmen radio and television station that night, which surprised the audience and won general praise.

“It can be said that the highlight of this film is to see the history of overseas Chinese from the perspective of the world. We went to the place where they searched for gold and where the story happened, interviewed many foreign experts and scholars, and dedicated many new elements to the audience.” Wei Baohe, the general director and well-known documentary director of Jinshan Guest, told reporters that there are many works about the construction of Railways by overseas Chinese, but it’s not easy to get new ideas. Therefore, the film crew of Jinshan Guest started shooting in April this year, across the northern and southern hemispheres, to Australia and the United States, covering a journey of more than 100000 kilometers, taking 55 days, shooting nearly 10000 minutes of material, before We have collected such valuable image materials as Chen Wenkuan, a 106 year old legend of the Anti Japanese War, the site of Shiquan coal mine in Wyoming where the Chinese film crew first set foot, and the exclusive interview of the descendants of Chen Ruidian, a Chinese flying eagle.

“This documentary of Jinshan Guest puts the history of overseas Chinese in the perspective of world development to evaluate their historical achievements, and also makes a new interpretation of the image of overseas Chinese groups.” Zhang Guoxiong, general consultant of Jinshanke and director of Guangdong Overseas Chinese culture research center of Wuyi University, said that the group image displayed in the work was not only uplifting, hardworking and courageous, but also showed the image of Chinese wisdom in front of the world, which was a new angle.

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