The reconstruction and expansion project of Fokainan was officially opened to traffic

The reconstruction and expansion project of Fokainan is located in the core area of Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Great Bay area. It is a section of the national highway network planning “two longitudinal” Shenyang-Haikou main line. It starts from Xiebian to Sanbao section of Fokainan expressway which has been expanded, and ends at Shuikou flyover of Kaiyang expressway which is under construction. It is the first section completed and opened to traffic after the release of the “outline of development planning of Guangdong Hong-Kong-Macao Great Bay area”. The total length of the reconstruction and expansion project is 33.264 km, which adopts the expressway technical standard construction and is a reconstruction and expansion project of 4 lanes and 8 lanes.

As an important part of Guangdong section of Shenyang-Haikou expressway, Fokai expressway is a fast channel connecting Guangzhou, Foshan and Jiangmen, and also one of the most important traffic trunk lines from the Pearl River Delta to the western part of Guangdong. It has many connecting routes and large traffic flow. In the past, congestion occurred frequently, especially in holidays. After the project is completed and opened to traffic, the traffic pressure to the west of Guangdong will be greatly relieved and cities along the Pearl River Delta will be further connected.

Lin Feiming said that the formal opening of the reconstruction and expansion project in Fokainan will bring more convenience to the economic development and people's travel along the line, broaden the high-speed transportation network of Guangdong Province, form an efficient regional economic integration spatial pattern, and help the connectivity of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao. In addition, relevant operation departments should do the emergency management work of high-road carefully, always put safety first, improve the humanized service, and create a good environment for the safe and smooth travel of the masses.

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