Adding New Momentum to the Development of the Cultural Tourism Industry

The overseas Chinese cultural exchange and cooperation and the Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macau Youth Cultural and Creative Development Conference, which will be held in Jiangmen from November 13th to 15th, will enter the countdown. As the highlight of the conference, the opening ceremony of the conference will be held on November 14th, with the opportunity to launch an important platform for cultural exchanges and cooperation between overseas Chinese and Chinese, to promote the signing of cultural tourism projects and promote the cultural exchanges among the youth of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao. It is worth mentioning that 14 cultural tourism, overseas Chinese and Hong Kong and Macao youth investment projects, including the “Hometown of overseas Chinese Memory” and the Shanhe River Travel Project, will be signed at the opening ceremony with a total investment of nearly 40 billion yuan, which will further enhance the development level of cultural tourism industry in our city in the future.

The reporter learned that the projects signed this time have many bright spots. Among them, the “Hometown of overseas Chinese Memory” travel project was directed and designed creatively by the China live-action performance founder Mei Shuaiyuan. And it was invested, constructed and managed by China Culture and Tourism Group. With the theme of "memory of overseas Chinese hometown", a site will be selected on both sides of the river in the main urban area of Jiangmen city to plan the construction of a world-class comprehensive project of real scene culture and performing arts, with a planned investment of not less than 5 billion yuan. The project focuses on tourism performances, theme entertainment, artistic creation, leisure and other innovative formats, planning and construction of ten plates, including a large real performance show, 10 outdoor theaters, 2 theme parks, 3 theme cultural districts, 3 major theme performing hotel clusters and large performing arts talent training base and so on. It will be built into a comprehensive, multi-level and three-dimensional tourist and performing arts destination, a new height of cultural and tourism industry in the pearl river delta, an international exchange center for overseas Chinese and a new benchmark in the world performing arts industry, to help Jiangmen expand the economic consumption space at night and create a new name card of night tour for the hometown of overseas Chinese.

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