Municipal Federation of Trade Union Volunteers to Sanjiang Town to Participate in a Unified Action on Environmental Cleaning

Jiangmen Daily News (Reporter / Li Yujun, Correspondent / Fan Lin, Tan Yingwen) reports. In order to comprehensively deepen the creation of a national civilized city, recently, Gu Dahua, deputy director of the Standing Committee of the Municipal People's Congress and chairman of the Municipal Federation of Trade Unions, led the volunteers of the Municipal Federation of Trade Unions to Sanjiang Town, Xinhui District, to participate in the town's environmental clean-up action.

In the activity, Gu Dahua went deep into Sanjiang town central market, public toilets, Huilong Plaza, Sanjiang health center, Sanjiang junior high school, etc, to deeply understand the implementation of the town's creative public welfare publicity, environmental sanitation renovation, operation order management, deepening civilized service and other work.

Gu Dahua requires the whole town to deeply understand the importance and urgency of the creation of the civilization, adhere to the high standards and strict requirements, work hard, and overcome difficulties, focus on the upgrading and transformation of the town, highway lighting projects, and further summarize and promote the innovative approach of organizing veterans to set up "comrade-in-arms river protection teams", and comprehensively promote the upgrading of creative and creative work with points and areas. Gu Dahua requested that all departments of the Municipal Federation of Trade Unions should vigorously support and actively participate in the work of creation of the civilization in Sanjiang Town, assist in solving problems at the grassroots level, and contribute to the city's creative work.

It is understood that Sanjiang Town is the city federation of trade unions civilization creation contact town. On the same day, 17 members of the City Federation of Trade Unions volunteers participated in the clean-up activities of Huilong Plaza and Sanjiang Farmers' Market. Everyone took the scorching sun, cleaned the road surface, cleaned the corners of the sanitation, and contributed to the creation of a clean, civilized and orderly urban environment.

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