The Rematch of Postdoctoral Innovation Competition held

From August 30 to 31, the postdoctoral innovation competition of the 2019 Guangdong "Zhuangchuang Cup" Entrepreneurship Innovation Contest was held in the National Postdoctoral Innovation (Jiangmen) Demonstration Center, led by the Provincial Human Resources and Social Security Department and co-sponsored by the Provincial Education Department and the Provincial Science and Technology Department. Sixty postdoctoral talent projects in six major industries are in fierce competition for 24 tickets in the final.

In the 60 postdoctoral projects in the second round, 152 postdoctoral students were gathered. They are not only well-developed teams of universities and research institutes, but also outstanding enterprise teams. They are widely distributed in biomedicine and health, electronic information industry, new energy and energy-saving and environmental protection industry, new materials, Internet and mobile Internet, advanced system. The six major industries in manufacturing industry are fully in line with the national strategic emerging industries currently being the focus of Guangdong's development.

The second round uses the players’ way of live roadshow and expert reply. The contestants will present the point of project innovation, team composition, project advantages and core competitiveness, target market analysis and other contents in 8 minutes, and then give on-site reply according to experts’ questions in 5 minutes.

The on-site judges come from the leading talents of all walks of life. From time to time, they give the entrepreneurs pertinent suggestions from their own professional perspective. They are not only judges, but also mentors, and all-round appraisal of players. There are frequent "tricks" and "golden sentences" between players and experts.

It is understood that the 24 finalists of the post-doctoral innovation contest will be announced on the official website of "Zhongchuang Cup". The "three high" competition with high educational background, high level and high specifications will be contested for the title in September. As one of the local events, the 5G motion sensing bionic robot project brought by the Mai Qianyu won the promotion quota of the straight-through finals.

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