The Province's Anti-typhoon Work Video Conference was Held

The provincial typhoon prevention video conference was held to implement general secretary Xi Jinping's important statements on disaster prevention, reduction and relief, summarize the typhoon prevention work in the previous period, and plan the next typhoon prevention work. Xu Xiaoxiong, member of the Standing Committee of the Municipal Party Committee and executive deputy mayor, listened to the conference at the Jiangmen branch and deployed the city's anti-typhoon work.

The meeting called on us to equip our minds with new ideas, guide our practice and push forward our work, and work tirelessly in disaster prevention and rescue. To further strengthen the sense of responsibility, adhere to the word "unification" in the first place, do dare to unification, good unification, will unify; we should further increase scientific and technological support and promote the development of "smart emergency response". To strengthen the work of the implementation of the fall in place, strengthen the basic disaster prevention and reduction capacity building.

Xu Xiaoxiong pointed out that the current start of the school season for students, fishing season and seaside tourism season, we should strengthen the deployment of the next typhoon prevention work, to ensure that "' zero death ', disaster losses to the minimum" goal. Xu Xiaoxiong asked that we should carry out the spirit of provincial typhoon prevention video conference, improve political stance, establish the concept of people-centered, and combine the spirit of speeches with the reality of various departments to carefully grasp the actual work; We will continue to carry out regular screening of hidden risks and make every effort to ensure the safety of people's lives and property. All relevant units should pay close attention to the latest developments of typhoons, strengthen on-duty duty and consultation and judgment, and timely deploy defense work according to the actual situation.

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