Municipal Leaders Lead Teams to Inspect Work Safety

Recently, Xu Xiaoxiong, standing committee member and executive vice mayor of the Municipal Party Committee, led a team to Jiangmen Jiantao Chemical Co., Ltd. to inspect the work safety.

Previously, Jiangmen Jiantao Chemical Co., Ltd. was found to have some safety problems and hidden dangers in the law enforcement and inspection operations of the Ministry of Emergency Response, which attracted great attention from provinces and municipalities. On the spot, Xu Xiaoxiong had a detailed understanding of the rectification of hidden danger problems found by enterprises, and checked the hidden danger problems found by the law enforcement inspection team of the Ministry of Emergency Response one by one. Xu Xiaoxiong pointed out that after the inspection team found hidden problems, the enterprise really achieved the goal of reform, and the attitude of rectification should be affirmed.

Xu Xiaoxiong emphasized that the work of safety in production should be serious, and under the severe situation, we should implement all aspects of work of safety in production more strictly and make every effort to prevent accidents in production safety. Firstly, we should seriously reflect on and examine the problems and shortcomings in the work of safety supervision, resolutely avoid erroneous ideas and practices such as "missing the breadth" and "lacking seriousness" and do a good job in law enforcement and inspection of safety production with the most stringent standards; secondly, we should constantly improve the professional competence of safety supervision to ensure law enforcement, inspection and concealment. The scientificalness and professionalism of the work process such as patient rectification and reform have been effectively improved. Thirdly, safety supervision departments and enterprises should establish a new type of close and incorruptible political-commercial relationship and resolutely avoid the problems of safety inspection and rectification of "going through the motions" caused by "acquaintance society" in the process of law enforcement and inspection of production safety. Drawing lessons from other people's accidents and various hidden dangers, we should focus on investigating the same types of problems existing in our region and enterprises, resolutely avoid the same types of accidents occurring in our enterprises and the same types of hidden dangers occurring in other parts of our enterprises.

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