Kunshen High-Speed Railway Set up Two Stations of Heshan West and Jiangmen in Jiangmen City

Recently, the China Government Procurement Network announced the pre-feasibility study of the Shenzhen-Nanning-Kunming high-speed rail (in the Yunnan section) and the related bidding results of the related services, marking the official launch of the preliminary work of the Kunshen high-speed rail project. According to reports, this railway connects Yunnan, Guizhou, Guangxi and Guangdong, and will pass through Jiangmen and connect Shenzhen with the Shenjiang section of the Shenmao railway.

The reporter learned that in February this year, the Kunming Municipal Government's work report proposed to extend the Nanshen high-speed railway westward to Yunnan Kunming. to become the Kunshen high-speed railway. On August 7, the China Railway Second Institute Kunming Survey and Design Institute Co., Ltd. won the pre-feasibility study and related supporting services from Shenzhen to Nanning to Kunming High Speed Rail (Yunnan section), and will submit the pre-feasibility study report within 3 months after signing the contract. The review draft is submitted for evaluation within 2 months to complete the pre-feasibility study evaluation, and the relevant report revision is completed according to the evaluation and approval opinions.

It is reported that the Kunshen high-speed railway is composed of a number of high-speed railways, some of which are shared with other high-speed rail lines. For example, from Baise to the eastern section of Nanning is designed to share the same line with Nankun, with a designed speed of 250 km/h. It has been completed and opened to traffic in 2015. The east of Nanning to the north of Yulin and the north of Yulin to Jiangmen are all sections of the Nanshen high-speed railway. The design speed is 350 km/h. The Jiangmen-Shenzhen section is the Shenjiang section of the Shenmao Railway.

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