City leaders led the team to carry out "Warm Enterprise" operations and security checks

On August 13, Zhang Yuanxing, member of the Standing Committee of the Municipal Party Committee and Minister of Organization Department, led the team to carry out the “Warm Enterprise” action, deepen the enterprise and construction projects, understand the business conditions and demands of the enterprise, and supervise the summer action of the arrears of wages and the safe production of construction sites.

The working group first went to the site supervision of the third phase of Xingfu Shangling Xinzhu construction project in Pengjiang district, focusing on the on-site inspection of the implementation of the system of "control of deficiency and guarantee of support", such as real-name management of the project site, special account management of wage payment, and payment of wages in full amount per month.

Subsequently, the working group came to Jiangmen Haojue Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. and Zhongyan Modi (Jiangmen) Paper Co., Ltd. to understand the implementation of the company's production and operation, technology research and development and employment policies, and to respond to the social security payment and enrollment of high-level talents' children. Zhang Yuanxing said that although the situation abroad is complex and changeable, China is in a new round of development opportunities, and Jiangmen is an important member of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Marco Greater Bay Area, and enterprises should strengthen their confidence in the development of Jiangmen, pay close attention to technological innovation and build core competitiveness.

After carefully inspecting the safety production work of the above two enterprises, Zhang Yuanxing emphasized that enterprises should firmly establish the concept of safety development, resolutely build a safety production line, and implement the concept of “safety first” to every link and position in production and operation, to ensure that safety work is foolproof. The enterprises must adhere to the "safety" as the company's greatest benefit, continuously increase the safety production education prevention, inspection and rectification efforts, and build the ideological foundation for all employees to focus on safe production.

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