Provincial Military Region Leaders to Check and Investigate Conscription Work in Our City

From August 8 to 9, Major General Wang Shouxin, a political member of the Guangdong Military Region, came to our city to check and investigate the conscription work. Cheng Daxin, the Standing Committee of the Municipal Party Committee, Vice-Chairman of the Leading Group of the Municipal conscription Work, the Commander of Jiangmen Military Area, Senior Captain Zeng Lixin, the political member of Jiangmen Military Area, and Lin Feiming, the vice mayor, participated in the inspection and investigation.

At the symposium, Wang Shouxin heard a report on the conscription work in our city this year. According to reports, in recent years, the quality and effectiveness of military conscription in our city has steadily improved, especially in 2018, the total score of the "five-rate" quantitative evaluation reached 99 points. In order to do a good job in this year's conscription work, after the Spring Festival, our city immediately launched the preparatory work of conscription registration, conscription propaganda and college students'pre-conscription, so as to promote the implementation of the annual conscription work at all stages, and at present the work of conscription is progressing smoothly. Since July 17, all municipalities (districts) have organized conscription checkups. As of August 7, the initial check-ups in the whole city totaled 6734 people. In the next step, our city will further strictly control the key points of conscription physical examination and political examination, continue to make good use of the incentive policy of preferential care, keep the bottom line of honest conscription, and ensure high standards and high quality to complete this year's conscription task. After the symposium, Wang Shouxin and his delegation went to the conscription checkup stations in Pengjiang District, Taishan City and Heshan City to conduct on-site inspection and research on the work of conscription checkup.

Wang Shouxin gave full affirmation to the conscription work in our city. He emphasized that we should always adhere to the "sunshine conscription", improve political determination, strictly abide by the provisions of physical examination, earnestly implement the standards of physical examination, and send the best young people to the army. We should implement the "honest conscription", strictly guard every link and make the conscription work system open, transparent as well as stand the test of history.

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