The First Online Intermediary Service Supermarket in Our City Docked with 12345 Hotline

On August 8, the city's online intermediary service supermarket and 12345 government service hotline docking initiation activities were held in the city's public resources trading center, which is also the province's first online intermediary service supermarket and 12345 government service hotline docking. Xiong Xiong, deputy director of the provincial public resources trading center, and Cai Dewei, deputy mayor, participated in the activities.

Since the launching of the construction of online intermediary service supermarket in 2018, our city has made great efforts to promote the formation of a unified, standardized, open competition, healthy and orderly intermediary service market, and the transparency and credibility of trading activities have been continuously enhanced. As of August 6, 1395 project announcements have been issued in the provincial online intermediary service supermarket system, ranking first in the province.

Xiong Xiong pointed out that the successful connection between the intermediary supermarket and the hotline marked the further expansion of the scope of "integrated" government services, which not only reduced administrative costs, but also improved the convenience of the masses. Jiangmen pilot project will be popularized and applied in the whole province after success. After that, people can consult or complain only by calling 12345, so as to achieve a unified number to receive, transfer according to duty, finish within a time limit, unified supervision, unified assessment, and make it more convenient for private enterprises.

Cai Dewei said that our city took the lead in realizing the linkage between online intermediary service supermarket and the 12345 hotline in the whole province, which is a new measure to strengthen the management mechanism of intermediary services, and is also the embodiment of "Internet + government services" in our city to promote the transformation of government functions.

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