Six agricultural enterprises in our city went to Ganzi to attend the production and marketing meeting

Recently, Ganzi agricultural products production and marketing docking site will be held in Yajiang and Litang, Ganzi , Sichuan. Our city organizes six characteristic agricultural products enterprises to participate in the docking meeting, in order to further promote the integration of supply and marketing of agriculture and animal husbandry industry between the two places, to deepen the cooperation of agriculture and animal husbandry characteristic superior industries between the two places, and to achieve complementary advantages and win-win cooperation.

It is reported that 91 leading agricultural enterprises, e-commerce enterprises and 20 travel agencies from Korea, Guangdong, Shanghai, Chengdu and other places were invited to participate in the docking meeting to discuss, communicate and dock face-to-face with local agricultural products enterprises. The docking meeting received 114 purchase orders for agricultural products with a total value of 1.51 billion yuan. The total amount of contracts reached the highest level in the history of Ganzi's agricultural products sales, which promoted the local agricultural products sales and promoted the development of Ganzi's agricultural industry.

In recent years, Jiangmen and Ganzi have frequently docked and cooperated in agriculture and animal husbandry industry, complementing each other's advantages and achieving win-win development. In the work of counterpart support, our city has also vigorously promoted Luding County in Ganzi City to complete the task of poverty alleviation in 2017 and Kangding City in 2018. Reporters learned that the six agricultural enterprises in our city were Jiangmen Jianghui Fruit Wholesale Market Co., Ltd., Kaiping Xindi Electronic Commerce Co., Ltd., Shangpingge Food Co., Ltd., Jiangmen New Supply and Marketing Overseas Trading Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Agricultural Union Information Technology Co., Ltd., and Xinhui District Associated Fruit Industry. Ltd.

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