Zhuxi Chuanggu released "Unicorn Breeding and Enterprise Leap Program"

In order to guide the deep integration of science, technology and finance in Jianmen, Hong Kong and Macao, tap the power of scientific and technological innovation and promote the high-quality development of science and technology enterprises. On August 2, under the guidance of Municipal Science and Technology Bureau and Municipal Financial Work Bureau, the Jiangmen, Hong Kong and Macao Science and Technology and Finance Development Forum and Unicorn Cultivation and Enterprise Flying, sponsored by Zhuxi Chuanggu (Jiangmen) Science and Technology Park Co., Ltd. The “Jianmen Hong Kong and Macao Technology Finance Development Forum and Unicorn Breeding and Enterprise Leap Program Launch Conference” was held at Yihao Hotel. More than 400 executives, scholars, entrepreneurs and strategic partners from well-known enterprises in Jiangmen, Hong Kong and Macao gathered together to discuss the cultivation plan of Jiangmen "unicorn" enterprises.

The conference will introduce the "Unicorn" project in detail and announce the start-up plan. It conveyed the vision of Zhuxi Chuanggu project to cultivate in a 10-year cycle and make the enterprise grow into a unicorn enterprise with a market value of more than 1 billion dollars in three steps. According to reports, the project aims to focus on cultivating a group of industry-leading and iconic technology companies to achieve radiation-driven development to promote the industrial upgrading of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macau.

At the event site, Zhuxi Chuanggu signed a cooperation framework agreement with the Guangdong High-end Talent Industry Innovation and Development Promotion Center, the Hong Kong Association for Industry-University-Research Cooperation, and the Macao Science and Technology Association for the cooperation of the Unicorn Breeding and Enterprise Leap Program, it also provided strategic assistance, product development, business cooperation, financing support and other services to the participating companies. The event also awarded the first batch of six companies participating in the project, such as Jiangmen Yunxun Electronic Equipment Co., Ltd. and Microelectronics (Jiangmen) Co., Ltd.

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