Liu Yi Checked the Physical Examination Work of Conscription

On the afternoon of July 25, Liu Yi, Deputy Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, mayor and head of the leading group of the municipal conscription work, led the team to Xinhui District to check the conscription physical examination work, and visited the front-line medical staff and young conscripts for the conscription physical examination. He demanded that all departments at all levels attach great importance to conscription work, strictly control the physical examination, political examination and the selection of superior soldiers, so as to transport high-quality soldiers for the army. City leaders Cheng Daxin and Lin Feiming participated in inspection activities.

At the check-up station of the People's Hospital of Xinhui District, Liu Yi visited and inspected all the conscription examination rooms, thanked the medical staff who had worked hard for the conscription examination work, and inquired in detail about the health status, the rate of health qualification and the progress of the medical examination of the young candidates. He demanded that the medical staff should take a highly conscientious and responsible attitude. Strictly adhere to the standard of physical examination, and do our best to ensure the high quality of the target troops. Liu Yi also had a cordial conversation with the young candidates, inquired about their educational level and physical condition, and wished them a smooth physical examination.

Liu Yi said that physical examination is an important link to ensure the quality of soldiers. Departments at all levels should strictly comply with the requirements of their superiors and the deployment of recruitment work in our city. High standards and strict requirements are required to ensure the smooth completion of physical examination and the high quality completion of the recruitment physical examination work. We should strengthen coordination and cooperation, effectively organize medical history checks of candidates, investigate invisible diseases, and resolutely eliminate the recruitment of unqualified young people into the army. Effective measures should be taken to implement the pilot project of funding for visual acuity correction for University graduates, maximize the potential of university graduates in the jurisdiction, effectively improve the proportion of University graduates, and fulfill the task of university graduates recruitment with high standards.

As of yesterday, there were more than 21,000 applicants in the city, including more than 4400 with university degrees. Since mid-July, all municipalities (districts) have carried out conscription physical examination in stages according to the plan. There are 8 medical examination stations in the whole city, and 341 medical staff take part in the conscription physical examination. The conscription physical examination will continue until August 15.

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