The Whistler System is Implemented in Dairy Production Enterprises in Our City

In order to implement the “Food Safety Law” and the “Four Most Strict” regulatory requirements, adhere to strict source prevention, process management and risk control, recently, our city launched the implementation of the "whistler" system in dairy production enterprises.

"Whistler" system means that the enterprise insider can be able to find problems as soon as possible, to blew the whistle, and to promote the rectification of problems, thus greatly reducing the potential risks of food safety, and play a role of breaking through the fortress from the inside for illegal enterprises.

In Britain, when police find a case, they whistle to attract the attention of other policemen or passers-by. They are the earliest "whistlers".

At the meeting, the Municipal Bureau of Market Supervision called on and mobilized employees of dairy production enterprises to actively participate in food safety supervision, found that there were violations of laws and regulations in enterprises, timely report to the market supervision department, bravely to be a  "whistler". At the same time, it urges enterprises to standardize food production behavior according to law, enhance self-inspection and self-correction ability, and strictly implement the main responsibility of food safety.

A whistleblower shall provide objective and true reporting materials and evidence, explain the basic process of the matter, and provide detailed information such as the name, address of the object being reported, and specific acts suspected of violating the law. Advocating real-name reporting, whistleblowers who are unwilling to provide personal information such as their names, identities and contact information or to report publicly shall be respected.

"Whistler" can report by telephone 12345, e-mail, or send the report letter to the Municipal Market Supervision and Administration Bureau (letters should be indicated "whistler report"). The market supervision department shall keep the whistler's information strictly confidential.

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