The City Held a Seminar on the Theory of Minors

On the afternoon of July 10th, the city held a seminar on strengthening the ideological and moral construction of minors. According to reports, the city has held seminars on strengthening the ideological and moral construction of minors for nine consecutive years. Since the beginning of April, the seminar has been essays for the whole city. After the judging panel selection, 3 first-class works, 8 second-class works, 17 third-class works and 18 excellent works were selected.

It is understood that this seminar was jointly organized by the Municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department, the Municipal Education Bureau, the Municipal Social Science Association and the Municipal Women's Federation. It aims to timely summarize the successful experience and latest achievements of the city in strengthening the ideological and moral construction of minors. The ideological and moral construction of minors in our city has taken a new step and continuously improved the ideological and moral quality of the minors in our city.

The reporter learned from the seminar that the essays received in this seminar cover a wide range of topics, including local cultural education, patriotic education, mental health counseling, judicial aid, and the use of “Internet +”. Most of the essays this year are the author's own practice and experience in the long-term practice. The analysis of the problems existing in the ideological and moral education of minors in the city is relatively thorough. The problems and deficiencies pointed out are highly targeted and the suggestions are put forward. And measures also have practical guiding significance.

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