Municipal Leaders Lead Teams to Shenzhen to Promote Shen-Jiang Cooperation

Recently, Xu Xiaoxiong, the Standing Committee of the Municipal Committee and Deputy Mayor of the Municipal Committee, led a team to Shenzhen to visit Shenzhen Government Development Research Center, Tencent Shenzhen Headquarters, Shenzhen Chamber of Commerce and other institutions to promote Jiangmen's advantages and development opportunities in participating in the construction of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao Bay District, and promote Shen-Jiang cooperation.

At the Shenzhen Municipal Government Development Research Center, the two sides conducted in-depth discussions and exchanges on the issues related to Shenzhen's cooperation with the West Bank of the Pearl River City and Shenzhen's paths and policies for developing industrial cooperation in other places, as well as on the overall ideas and key areas of Shenzhen's cooperation, and also on the Shenzhen team's arrival at Jiangmen to conduct a research, which has reached a consensus. The two sides agreed that we should promote the coorperation between Shen-Jiang, further strengthen systematic planning, optimize top-level design, jointly promote the consensus between the two cities to the decision-making level, and establish docking working groups to form a normal communication mechanism.

At Tencent's Shenzhen headquarters, Xu Xiaoxiong and his delegation had a detailed understanding of Tencent's industrial Internet development strategy and layout, and carried out in-depth discussions around the development of Jiangmen talent island, smart city and "digital government" construction. Luo Chaoliang, vice president of Tencent Yun, said that Tencent Group is currently working on the future urban development layout of "We City", hoping to cooperate with Jiangmen to build a "We City" future urban model, which can carry out substantive strategic cooperation and project landing in the fields of talent island, digital government and industrial Internet in Jiangmen. The two sides reached preliminary cooperation intention on the construction of "We City" demonstration and innovation base in Jiangmen Talent Island.

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