Municipal Leaders Paid a Centralized Visit to the Deputies of Party Members Before July 1st

On the eve of July 1, leaders of Hu Tai, Zhang Yuanxing, Feng Lijian, Xiang Tianbao, Zhou Huihong, Li Weimin, Xu Xiaoxiong, Cheng Daxin, Lin Chunsheng, Lin Feiming and Rong Fuhua went to three districts and four cities separately to visit and console the Party members with difficulties, veteran Party members and the family members of  cadres who died on duty, and to show them care and blessing from organization.

During the activities, city leaders, through exchanges and heart-to-heart talks, have a cordial relationship with Party members, comrades and their family members and friends to learn about their thoughts and lives, actively publicize the Party's latest principles and policies, and listen carefully to their opinions and suggestions. At the same time, we should take the initiative to understand the difficulties and problems encountered by Party members in their lives, and understand the physical conditions of veteran Party members who are in difficulties. We should not only send condolences and festival blessings, but also try our best to help Party members living in difficulties to solve their difficulties, so that they can get help and spiritual support in their lives, and let them feel the solicitude and warmth of the Party organization.

Zeng Huiting, an 80-year-old veteran party member with 53 years party standing, is not deaf, blind but physically strong. He also actively participates in the activities of community Party organizations. Seeing the city leaders come to visit him, the old man said happily, "Thank you for the warmth and care of the Party organization. Although I am old now, as long as I can move, I will take part in the activities of the Party organization, hoping to play a full role to give young Party members a good lead role."

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