Jiangmenguan District exports 1.38 billion yuan of bamboo, wood and grass products

Reporters learned from Jiangmen Customs on June 27 that from January to May this year, 8,937 batches of bamboo, wood and grass products were exported to Jiangmen Customs Area, with a value of 1.38 billion yuan, an increase of 2.2% over the same period last year. Products are mainly sold to European Union, Japan, Australia, Canada and other countries and regions.

Most of the enterprises exporting bamboo, wood and grass products in Jiangmenguan District are small and micro enterprises, mainly distributed in remote rural areas with underdeveloped economy, and most of the employees are rural local people. Export products are rich, including cabinets, bathroom cabinets, storage cabinets, wooden beds and other wooden furniture; bamboo knife holders, wooden spoons, wooden bowls and other household appliances; there are also sunflower capes, gangsong fences, straw mats and other special agricultural products.

Jiangmen Customs, based on its functions, has carried out the strategy of Rural Revitalization in depth to support industrial development, promote precise poverty alleviation, actively serve "agriculture, countryside and farmers", actively "send technology and send policy to enterprises", guide enterprises to establish and improve the management system of acceptance and use of raw and auxiliary materials, epidemic prevention and disinfection, traceability management and product export, and promote enterprises. Improve epidemic prevention and control and quality management. At the same time, we will continue to follow up the requirements of foreign inspection standards, provide technical support to help enterprises improve their weak links in time, promote enterprises to enhance their ability to respond to foreign technical measures, focus on improving product quality, and promote the expansion of bamboo, wood and grass products exports in the jurisdiction.

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