The Municipal Party Committee Held a Coordination Meeting on Ruling Cities by Law and Popularizing Law

On June 21, the first meeting of the Coordination Group of Law-abiding and Law-popularizing of the Municipal Committee of the Municipal Party Committee was held to convey the spirit of the relevant meetings of the central, provincial and municipal governments, and to consider and standardize the work of the Coordination Group at the institutional level through the working rules of the Coordination Group and the three institutional documents of law-abiding and law-popularizing. Zhou Huihong, member of the Standing Committee of the Municipal Committee, the Minister of Propaganda Department and the head of the Coordination Group of the Municipal Committee for Compliance with Law and Popularization, presided over the meeting and made a speech.

The meeting conveyed the first and second meetings of the Central Committee for the Comprehensive Governance of the State Council. The Provincial Party Committee comprehensively governed the first and second meetings of the Provincial Committee and the spirit of the first meeting of the Municipal Party Committee in accordance with the law, and reviewed the "Jiangmen Gate of the CPC" The municipal party committee comprehensively ruled the law of the law-abiding committee of the law-enforcement committee (draft for review), "Opinions on Establishing the Mechanism of the Use of Trial Methods for Leading Cadres in Auditing Cases (Draft for Review)" (Opinions submitted for review) "On the implementation of the evaluation procedures for the performance of the national authorities of the city's state organs "Who enforces the law" (review draft) )" Jiangmen Municipal State Organs "who enforces the law and who popularizes the law" list of responsibility for popularizing the law”, etc.

Zhou Huihong pointed out that first, we should improve our political position and enhance our sense of responsibility and mission in the work of law-abiding and law-popularizing in the new era. Second, we should strengthen overall coordination and implement the tasks of the Coordination Group for Law Compliance and Popularization. Third, we should strengthen self-construction to ensure that the Coordination Group of Law-abiding and Law-abiding Popularization effectively performs its duties, and promote standardization, supervision, implementation and innovation through mechanism.

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