City Leadership Team to carry out the Consolidation of National Health City Inspection and Supervision Work

On the afternoon of June 17, Liu Yi, deputy secretary of the municipal party committee and mayor, led the team to Pengjiang District, Jianghai District and Xinhui District to carry out the inspection and supervision of the national health city. He required all levels and departments to raise their ideological understanding and strengthen their sense of work urgency and the sense of responsibility, urged all the rectification measures to be put in place, and jointly managed to do a good job in the national health city review and inspection work.

This year, the city will accept the fourth review since the establishment of the National Health City. The municipal party committee and municipal government attached great importance to it. Liu Yi specially deployed the city's consolidate and inspection work at the municipal government executive meeting. And on May 21, Liu Yi led the team to the Xinhui Fruit Wholesale Market, the Urban Rail Jiangmen East Station, the Pengjiang District Water Street Market and the Licun Community and other key, difficult places for inspection and supervision.

Liu Yi said that through this inspection, the overall situation of the health situation has been "improved" and the rectification measures have been "implemented." He stressed that all departments at all levels of the city should unify their understanding, strengthen cooperation, and face the difficulties of the long-standing problems. And Patriotic Sanitation Office should form a system and regularly report on existing problems. All departments at all levels shall formulate a regular inspection and supervision mechanism for random inspections, and promptly feedback the rectification situation. To give play to the role of mainstream media, do well to praise, do not well to expose, implement consolidate work, further optimize the appearance of the city.

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