Members of the Municipal Consultative Conference Offer Suggestions to Strengthen Waste Reuse

In order to further improve the utilization level of landscape greening wastes in our city, the CPPCC, in collaboration with the Municipal Urban Administration Bureau, recently organized a consultation meeting on the proposal of "Proposals on the Regeneration and Utilization of Landscape Greening Wastes", which was attended by the relevant leaders of the sponsors and representatives of the sponsors.

The sponsors introduced to the members the current situation and existing problems in the treatment of landscape greening wastes in our city, introduced in detail the measures taken to implement the members’ suggestions and the ideas for solving the problem of greening wastes disposal in our city, and responded to the questions raised by the members. 

Members expressed their satisfaction with the handling of the proposal and put forward suggestions and suggestions for the next step. If we want to combine the proposal management with improving the city quality of our city to ensure the effectiveness of the proposal management, we should fully guide social capital to participate in the collection, treatment, processing and reuse of greening wastes, so as to reduce the cost of government's urban operation and management; cities (districts) should gradually build demonstration projects for the resource utilization of greening wastes, introduce and cultivate a number of high-quality enterprises, introduce advanced technology, use landscaping wastes for papermaking, bioelectricity generation, production of environmental protection burning rods, enhance the level of recycling utilization, form a recycling resource production industry chain; the government should scientifically plan, correctly locate, rationally layout the resource utilization points of landscaping wastes, and give enterprises support in policy support.

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