Recently, extreme weather happened frequently in our city, and we have made great efforts to prevent dangerous situations by "five enhancements"

Recently, the "Dragon Boat Water" continues to develop, and the province has experienced the strongest rainfall since the "Dragon Boat Water" period. At present, the province has launched a flood control level III emergency response. From 12 o'clock to 15 o'clock yesterday, under the influence of heavy thunderstorm clouds, there was a partial heavy rain in our city. In some areas, there were short-term gales of 7-10 magnitude, with the maximum rainfall of 53.9 mm in Dahuai Town, Enping City, and a gale of 10 magnitude (26.8 m/sec) was recorded in Datian Town, Enping City.

In order to cope with extreme weather effects such as heavy rainfall and ensure the safety of people's lives and property, the Municipal Emergency Management Bureau recently coordinated with the Municipal Bureau of Natural Resources and the Municipal Bureau of Housing and Construction to urge all localities and relevant departments to carry out a special investigation of potential geological hazards and building houses on slopes.

"We will focus on building buildings, schools, hospitals, mines, tourist attractions, embankments and dams of rivers and reservoirs by cutting slopes. We will carry out all-round screening and carpet surveys to cover all potential geological hazards without leaving dead corners. In view of the discovery of potential geological hazards, emergency precautions have been taken, warning signs have been implemented, and no casualties have been reported yet. The relevant person in charge of the Municipal Emergency Management Bureau said.

At present, our city is speeding up the overall planning of the city's emergency plan system construction, in order to establish and improve the grading response system of accident disasters and natural disasters, enhance the scientific, pertinent and practical nature of the plan; build a plan system covering all parts of the city, all trades and units, and do a good job of linking up all levels and various related plans, so as to achieve unified command, efficient and orderly, counterpart disposal. To complement each other, we prefer to dislocate and not be absent.

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