Judicial Supervision of Food and Drug Supervision and Law Enforcement for the First Time in Our City

In order to strictly implement the main responsibility of food and drug safety in enterprises, a leading group of judicial supervision on law enforcement of food and drug supervision has been set up in our city recently. The municipal judicial bureau, in conjunction with the market supervision bureau, the Public Security Bureau and the health bureau, has formed a supervision group to carry out the first judicial supervision on law enforcement of food and drug supervision in Taishan and Kaiping, so as to promote strict law enforcement in the field of food and drug and fair judicature, and to make every effort to build the people's food and drug safety barrier.  

By means of secret visits, on-the-spot visits, checking account information, and face-to-face interviews with enterprise schools and grass-roots cadres and masses, the inspection team has made eight areas of vaccine safety, drug and medical device safety, pesticide and veterinary drug residues, illegal food addition, catering service environmental hygiene, campus food safety, infant and child food safety, health food fraud and false propaganda. In order to focus on supervision, three administrative units in Taishan and Kaiping municipalities, two CDC centers, two agricultural markets, three food and drug production enterprises, one school canteen, one student food distribution enterprise, one infant milk powder supermarket, one vaccination hospital and one community health vaccine service center were selected to focus on solving the problems, such as law enforcement inaction, disorder and profit-driven law forcement, sports law enforcement, administrative law enforcement and criminal justice not well connected. The inspectors found that the food and drug safety situation in the whole city was steadily improving. For the problems and shortcomings found in the supervision, specific rectification suggestions were put forward to the relevant departments in time, and the safety of the people on the tongue tip was fully guaranteed.

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