Liu Yi presided over a special working conference on flood safety

Recently, Liu Yi, Deputy Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee and mayor, chaired a special working meeting to convey and implement the spirit of the provincial leadership's instructions on the defense against heavy rainfall in successive days, and to study and deploy emergency management and three defense work in our city. All departments at all levels are required to raise awareness, conscientiously perform their respective work responsibilities, improve the working mechanism and ensure the city's safety. City leader Xu Xiaoxiong attended the meeting.       

After listening to the work reports of relevant departments, Liu Yi fully affirmed the recent work done by the participating units to actively defend the "Dragon Boat Water" and the achievements made in the work of emergency management and three defense after the institutional reform. Liu Yi requests that all departments at all levels urge the township (street) level to improve emergency management and three-defense work institutions as soon as possible, compile special disaster emergency plans and operating manuals, and further improve the consultation mechanism, material reserve and scheduling mechanism and information reporting mechanism of emergency management and three-defense work. We should improve and give full play to the response mechanism of our city's emergency management information platform, and strengthen the overall planning of work. We should pay close attention to the hot spots and focal points concerned by the masses and the society, intensify the investigation and inspection of potential disaster hazards, thoroughly eliminate potential safety hazards and ensure the safety of people's lives and property.        

According to the forecast of the meteorological department, the probability of extreme weather in our city is high this year. Liu Yi stressed that all departments at all levels should attach great importance to raising awareness, earnestly fulfill their respective responsibilities, make good prediction of extreme weather, further strengthen emergency management and three prevention efforts to ensure the safety of flood season in our city.

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