Jiangmen Compulsory Isolation Detoxification Center was Appraised As "Six Nothingness" One

Recently, the Ministry of Justice's Drug Rehabilitation Bureau announced that in 2018, Jiangmen Municipal Compulsory Isolation center  for drug rehabilitation is the "Six Nothing" Drug Rehabilitation Administration, the "Six Nothing" Compulsory Isolation Center for drug rehabilitation (Educational Correctional Institute) and it was selected as the "Six Nothing" compulsory isolation detoxification center for Safety Management in 2018 (Six Nothingness means no drug inflow, no escaping of drug addicts, no abnormal death of drug addicts, no in-house cases, no safety accidents, no major epidemic situation).

Jiangmen Municipal Compulsory Isolation center  for drug rehabilitation has comprehensively promoted the national unified judicial and administrative drug treatment model, comprehensively upgraded the level of drug treatment work, and made continuous progress in education and correction work. In 2018, the Institute organized 81 drug addicts to attend skills training courses for Chinese pastry and tea artists, with a 90% certification rate. At the same time, the institute, together with Heshan Judicial Bureau and Heshan Shaping Street Office, set up a joint work station for community drug rehabilitation, improved the law enforcement connection between compulsory isolation Drug Rehabilitation Institute and community drug rehabilitation, and set up a practice base for legal education in conjunction with Jiangmen Vocational College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, which assisted the Municipal Judicial Bureau to carry out three "shock education" activities and play the perfect role of the legal education base of the place.       

Reporters learned that recently, the Institute used finger vein biometric technology to complete the upgrading and transformation of the gate intelligent access control system; promoted the remote reception work, opened up the "last kilometer" of family help and education for drug addicts, and promoted the transformation of the emergency command center of the institute, formulated the site intelligent drug detoxification construction program, and strived to incorporate the intelligent drug detoxification project into the "intelligent Jiangmen" construction.

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