Our city has entered a fishing moratorium

On May 1, our city has entered the fishing moratorium period. Reporters learned from the Municipal Agricultural and Rural Bureau on May 1 that this year's fishing moratorium lasted for three and a half months from 12:00 on May 1 to 12:00 on August 16.

According to the regulations, all types of fishing operations except fishing gear and domestic aquaculture vessels will be closed this year, and auxiliary fishing vessels serving fishing vessels will also be closed at the same time.

According to statistics, 2496 fishing boats participated in the moratorium of fishing in this year, including 171 in Xinhui, 2279 in Taishan and 46 in Enping. During the fishing moratorium period, these fishing vessels will be concentrated at fishing ports and berthing areas such as Yamen, Shanghuang in Xinhui , Hengshan, and Gongyi in Taishan and Enping Hengban.

From April 30 to May 1, the Municipal Agricultural and Rural Bureau's fishing moratorium supervision team went to Xinhui Yamen and Taishan Chixi, Guanghai, Wencun and other places to supervise the fishing moratorium work in the South China Sea. At present, 2496 fishing vessels have all returned to Hong Kong to suspend fishing, and the fishing site is in good order. The supervisory group requires the agricultural and rural bureaus of coastal cities (districts) to supervise the safety of fishing vessels in fishing ports during the fishing suspension period, especially the work of fire prevention and theft prevention. At the same time, local agricultural and rural bureaus and their fishery administration agencies are required to conduct in-depth special law enforcement and inspection activities for fishing suspension in the summer season and severely crack down on illegal and poaching activities.

The responsible person of the Municipal Agricultural and Rural Bureau introduced that in order to ensure the safe berthing of fishing vessels, the Municipal Agricultural and Rural Bureau planned to deploy as early as possible. In conjunction with the coastal municipalities (districts) Agricultural and Rural Bureau and the fishery administration brigade, the Municipal Agricultural and Rural Bureau conducted in-depth field investigations in fishing ports and berthing areas of the whole city, comprehensively considered the actual work of "three defenses" (fire prevention, wind prevention and theft prevention) , studied and formulated plans for the berthing of fishing boats, to make sure that the vessels have home to return.

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