Cultivate high-quality technical and skilled talents

On the afternoon of April 25, Jiangmen Municipal People's Government and Jiangmen High-tech Zone signed an agreement on Co-construction and cooperation between political schools and Guangdong Vocational College of Science and Technology (hereinafter referred to as "Guangzhou Academy of Sciences") and an agreement on Co-construction of industrial colleges. Liu Yi, deputy secretary and mayor of the Municipal Party Committee, Huang Shichu, Secretary of the Party Committee of the Guangzhou Academy of Sciences, and Li Longtu, president of the Municipal Party Committee, were present at the signing ceremony and witnessed the signing of the contract.

Guangzhou Academy of Sciences is a full-time public higher education institute. It is the national model backbone higher vocational colleges, the first-class construction units of Higher Vocational Colleges in Guangdong Province, and the national innovation and entrepreneurship demonstration schools of Higher Vocational Colleges. It has been selected as the top 50 service contributors of National Higher Vocational Colleges for three consecutive years from 2016 to 2018.

According to the cooperation agreement signed by the Municipal People's Government, Jiangmen High-tech Zone and the Guangzhou Academy of Sciences, the Guangzhou Academy of Sciences will give full play to the advantages of vocational education teaching resources, integrate production and education, precisely dock, accurately train high-quality technical and skilled talents to meet the needs of our city's industry, and serve the development of our city's advanced equipment manufacturing industries; provide on-the-the-job workers and social labor force with the training of scientific and technological skills, to serve the city's industrial transformation and upgrading.

At the signing ceremony, Liu Yi thanked the Guangzhou Academy of Sciences for its contribution to serving the local economic development and for its attention and support to Jiangmen's economic development. In cooperation with the Guangzhou Academy of Sciences, the establishment of industrial colleges and the development of personnel training can not only train skilled talents needed nearer and precisely, but also promote the improvement of vocational education level in our city. It is hoped that the two sides will work together to deepen cooperation, give full play to their respective advantages and put the contents of the agreement into practice. 

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