China International Talent Exchange Conference

From April 14 to 15, the 17th China International Talent Exchange Conference was held in Shenzhen. Municipal Bureau of Science and Technology, Municipal Bureau of Talents and other departments set up "Jiangmen Special Show" in "Science and Technology Innovation and Talents Intelligence Exhibition Area of Guangdong- Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area", attracting more than 300 overseas high-level talent consultation.

According to reports, China International Talent Exchange Conference is the only national, international and comprehensive talent and intelligence exchange event that is open to foreign experts, training institutions and professionals on the largest scale and with the highest specifications.

The content of the exhibition in our city mainly includes 10 aspects: the orientation task, overall environment, talent policy, science and technology policy, carrier platform, academician's light, large scientific device (neutrino laboratory), construction of high-level university of science and technology, talent island and construction of national post-doctoral innovation (Jiangmen) demonstration center in the construction of Greater District by the Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government. Through graphic materials, on-site explanations, video display and other forms, talents at home and abroad were shown our city's good innovation and entrepreneurship environment and city charm. All departments in our city have set up consulting desks on the spot to distribute information on science and technology, talent policies, etc. to promote Jiangmen's superior innovative entrepreneurship and investment environment. Participants from all walks of life expressed strong interest in Jiangmen's humanistic business environment, development planning, science and technology policy, and new measures to strengthen the city with talented people, and stopped to visit and negotiate.

According to statistics, "Jiangmen Specialty" has attracted more than 300 overseas high-level talents to consult. The leaders of Geneva International Business University in Switzerland, France International Association for Economic and Technological Exchange, Hong Kong Kowloon Youth Chamber of Commerce, Shenzhen Federation of Experts and Talents and other institutions and talent attracting platforms have visited and exchanged in depth to seek opportunities for cooperation. At the same time, the participants also actively collected the relevant policies of other cities in the Pearl River Delta to provide reference for the next study.

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