The CPI rose 2.9 percent in March from a year earlier

Recently, the National Bureau of Statistics Jiangmen investigation team announced the city's March consumer price index (CPI). The data showed that the March CPI fell by 0.6% from the previous month and rose by 2.9% year-on-year., with a cumulative increase of 2.5%. The prices of the eight categories of commodities that constitute the consumer price index showed a pattern of “1 liter, 6 drop and 1 flat”.

The data showed that the price of food, tobacco and alcoholic products in our city fell by 0.1% month on month (the same below) in March. Among them, the price of vegetables was affected by the rainy season, the market supply decreased, up 4.2%, and the price of fresh vegetables rose by 4.5%. The price of aquatic products was slightly increased by 0.1% due to the increase in the price of marine fish.

Animal meat, poultry meat, eggs, dried fruit, food and other prices have fallen quarter on quarter. Meat prices fell 1.5 percent. Pork prices fell 0.7 percent, beef 1.5 percent and mutton 0.1 percent. Poultry prices fell 2.2 percent, with chicken down 2.6 percent and duck down 3.8 percent. The price of eggs fell by 6.0%. Dried and fresh fruits fell 0.4 percent.

Industrial prices rose by 0.1%. Clothing prices rose 0.6%. The home appliance industry is highly competitive, and some household appliances participate in discount sales, resulting in a 0.1% drop in the price of household appliances. In addition, due to the impact of the purchase price adjustment, the price of Chinese herbal medicines fell by 3.8%. Affected by the rising price of respiratory medicine, the price of western medicine rose by 0.2%. Affected by the fluctuation of international gold prices, the price of gold jewelry fell 3.7% in March, and the price of platinum jewelry fell 0.9%.

Service prices fell by 1.5%. Among them, vehicle repair and maintenance prices fell 3.9%; domestic services fell 6.0%; beauty salon services prices fell 4.9%. After the Spring Festival, tourism cooled, the tourism market entered the off-season, and travel agency charges fell by 12.9%. As a result, tourism prices fell by 12.2%. Affected by the sharp drop in passenger traffic after the holiday, the price of transportation fees fell by 2.6%.

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