Civilized city creation assessment results

On April 8, the Guangdong provincial civilization office released the results of the 2018 annual evaluation of the establishment of civilized cities in Guangdong province, which is a total evaluation of the 2018 establishment of civilized cities in 68 cities and counties in the province organized by the provincial civilization office, the Guangdong survey team of the national bureau of statistics, some members of the provincial civilization committee and some of the municipal civilization committee. There are national civilized cities in Guangdong province. In this evaluation,Jiangmen ranked second only to Huizhou with a score of 91.86.

The evaluation results show that the field survey score of Jiangmen civilization achievements last year is 37.00, the material score is 37.76, the household survey score is 17.10, the public satisfaction score is 96.53. There were no negative list deductions, and all indicators were in the upper reaches of the province.

Last year, centering on the goal of consolidating and deepening the achievements of building a civilized city, Jiangmen closely combined the construction of spiritual civilization with the work of creating and restoring cultural heritage, constantly tackling difficulties and making up for shortcomings, effectively improving the "appearance level" and "temperament" of the city, and realizing the common growth and improvement of civilized city and civilized citizens.

Last year, the city fully implemented the four-level system of river chiefs in cities, counties, towns and villages, and took strong measures to promote the comprehensive improvement of black and smelly water bodies, resolutely shut down "scattered pollution" enterprises, and returned the clear water and blue sky to the people. In order to improve the management level of the city, the city has also actively carried out urban refined management improvement actions, launched the urban city appearance and environmental sanitation grid "road length system" pilot work, and established a farmer market remediation consultation system and departmental joint law enforcement mechanism to promote rural grassroots set up a “mobile vendor placement and sales area”, and to crack the regulatory dilemma of rural agricultural and sideline products distribution business sites.

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