Liu Yi inspected Flood Control Work

On the morning of April 7, Liu Yi, Deputy Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee and mayor, led a team to inspect the prevention and control of hidden dangers of flood control and geological disasters, demanding that all departments at all levels earnestly implement the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping's important instructions on disaster prevention, mitigation and relief, as well as the flood control work deployment of provincial and municipal Party Committee, provincial and municipal governments, and earnestly implement flood control responsibilities, closely investigate and eliminate hidden dangers of safety, which are aimed to ensure a safe flood season.

In Jiangxin Lianwei Flood Control Material Reserve Center and Beijie Sluice, Liu Yi had a detailed understanding of the progress and flood control work of Jiangxin Lianwei Dam reinforcement project. He stressed that we should speed up the pre-work progress of the Jiangxin Lianwei Dam reinforcement project to ensure that the construction started on schedule. The reinforcement project should first be based on security, and the construction of auxiliary facilities such as levee greenway can not affect the construction period of the main project; it should also be based on flood control, strictly abide by the requirements of flood control, and some pre-work such as grouting in dangerous sections should be completed before the arrival of the flood-prone period of Xijiang Deluge to ensure the safety of the Dam. Some pumping stations, sluices and embankments in the enclosure of Jiangxin Lianwei should be constructed in accordance with the plan to effectively solve the urban and rural in the enclosurewater immersion problems.

Liu Yi entered the central warehouse and carefully inspected the condition of flood control material reserve. He pointed out that we should be good at summing up experience and lessons from previous years of rescue and disaster relief to improve the effectiveness of rescue work. It is necessary to equip rubber boats, mobile pumps and other materials urgently needed and used in emergencies, and timely replenish them according to the loss. It is necessary to conduct flood control emergency drills in view of the problems that may occur frequently in emergency rescue and accumulate experience from them. Water conservancy construction teams and other organizations should be joined in emergency rescue teams, participate in emergency drills, and be able to participate in emergency work in case of danger. The cranes, generators and pumps in the warehouse should be tested regularly in strict accordance with the relevant system to ensure normal operation for ready use at any time. 

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