Smart Agriculture Service Platform

The reporter learned from the Jiangmen Smart Agriculture Work Promotion Conference held recently that the city will accelerate the construction of a smart agricultural service platform, focusing on providing all-round services for scientific production, resource management, brand building, quality traceability and other aspects of modern agriculture, to help the revitalization of rural areas.

Our city is a big city of agriculture, and there is a lot of room for improvement in production, processing, circulation and other aspects. The Jiangmen City Smart Agriculture Service Platform will not only serves Jiangmen, but also radiates to rural, peasant, agricultural and agricultural businesses in the Greater Bay Area, providing comprehensive services for scientific production, resource management, brand building and quality traceability of modern agriculture. At the same time, promote the integration of primary, secondary and tertiary industries in Jiangmen, and help the development of new industries and new businesses such as leisure agriculture, rural tourism, and rural e-commerce.

Zhuang Han, general manager of Guangdong Manyun Technology Co., Ltd. pointed out in the project introduction that China's agricultural development level has a great gap with developed countries, so it is necessary to use the power of science and technology, big data, artificial intelligence and other technologies to develop smart agriculture. Li Shaobo, assistant general manager of Yinong (Guangdong) Co., Ltd., said that it is necessary to develop and popularize smart agriculture by means of “information into the village”.

At the promotion meeting, representatives of the municipal (district) telecom branches of Jiangmen and the corresponding municipal (district) agricultural and rural bureaus and agricultural industrial parks also signed a framework agreement for the construction of a smart agricultural platform. The signing of the framework agreement is of great significance for the overall planning of the city's agricultural informatization work, improving the level of agricultural informatization in our city, cultivating new kinetic energy for rural development, promoting the integration of rural primary and secondary industries, and accelerating rural revitalization.



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